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Aug 31 2018

Your 3D Glasses

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What is Panoramix VR?

Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets

Are you searching for some new and quality Virtual Reality fun or a perfect interactive promotional product for your clients?

You may know that Virtual Reality is growing and although such immersion entertainments are most commonly seen at theatres and theme parks across the world, there is now a new and innovative way that we can enjoy virtual reality – with our very own custom cardboard Virtual Reality headsets. It’s an outstanding promotional marketing tool, which offers your clients low-cost immersive VR or 3D experience using VR games and ready or custom VR apps that will enhance brand awareness and boost product sales. Here at Your 3D Glasses we have devised and developed Panoramix VR – a range of fresh cardboard Virtual Reality headsets (VR viewers) which allow you to enjoy VR and 3D experience just from our custom cardboard headsets and your iOS or Android smartphone. Our Panoramix VR headsets offer a unique viewing experience for its user and each of our products are bespoke and made to order. We offer personalisation with branding and full-colour (CMYK) design, allowing you to create a great looking headset to suit your business – which can be especially useful if it’s for commercial or advertising needs, and will certainly enhance your branding as well as impress client’s with your creative marketing strategy.
Our tailored custom cardboard VR headsets are produced in the UK and delivered to clients all over the world. You can rely on the quality of our cardboard VR goggles and you will especially love what they can do for your business.

Big Brands, thank you for ordering our custom VR viewers for your projects:

Here s a glimpse at what we can do for you.

Best-selling custom branded VR viewer
inspired by Google Cardboard

A perfect product for events, exhibitions or if you re looking for a pre-assembled, ready-to-use VR headset

Design-patented flat-packed VR headset
for quick self-assembly

This is a product for you if you re after a VR viewe with maximum advertising space on the packaging box

Flat=folded VR viewer for quick assembly, packed
in a rigid box made of corrugated cardboard

An ideal option if you re planning to launch a direct mailing campaign or as a give-away product

Compact flat-packed VR headset with slide-in slot
for a smartphone

This product will work perfectly for you if you want to advertise your project or brand on a limited budget

Drop us a line!

We d like to be a part
of your Virtual Reality or 3D project.
To discuss details, please give us
a ring on +44 (0) 756 348 1357


  • DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, 13-14.09.2017, Cologne, Germany
  • TFM Technology for Marketing, 27-28.09.2017, Olympia, London, UK

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Hello, creatives! Guten Tag, digital marketing masters! Bonjour, promotional merchandise resellers! Hola, event media production experts!

We re absolutely commited to promoting Virtual Reality for everyone. If you feel you can give us a hand and present Panoramix VR viewers to your clients giving them a new outstanding marketing tool, then we ve got something that ll help you.

Our Distributor Package includes:

Design samples

  • FREE 3D CAD pre-production visuals with your clients branding
  • FREE product samples delivered free of charge to EU countries and US-based clients
  • 45% discount for sample pack of 100 pcs CMYK-printed VR viewers with your logo

Production delivery

  • Trade discount for regular clients from second order
  • Express production time – 10 working days including delivery for orders 1000 pcs
  • FREE delivery to EU countries

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