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May 15 2018

What To Do If You re Being Harrassed Online

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This list consists of private investigators who have experience in this area or are willing to offer victims discounts.

If you know of an investigator who has experience in the field or will work on a discounted basis, please ask them to contact us. DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE BEING HARASSED ONLINE. YOU WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE.

The presence of an individual or organization on this list does not constitute an endorsement by WHOA.

All States










  • Duvall Investigations
    Website: http://www.duvallinvestigations.com
    We serve the entire state of Michigan.
    MI PI LIC # 3701205186
    Phone: 1-800-681-0687



New Jersey

North Carolina


  • Binary Intelligence
    726 E. Main St. Ste. F #150. Lebanon, Ohio 45036
    Phone: 866-246-2794
    Website: www.binaryintel.com
    Binary Intelligence is a professional investigation agency that provides expert services in the areas of computer forensics, cell phone forensics, Chip Off Forensics, high-tech investigations, electronic discovery and data recovery. Our clients include law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government agencies and private individuals. We pledge to deliver objective, thorough and legally sound results – the foundation for informed decisions.
    We specialize in all forms of digital evidence and provide innovative solutions for recovering valuable data off of all types of mobile devices by utilizing a highly specialized technique called “Chip Off Forensics”.



South Carolina


  • J & D Online Computer and Fraud Investigations Pty. Ltd.
    “Obtaining all electronic evidence”
    P.O. Box 425, Springwood 4127 QLD AUSTRALIA
    PPhone: M: +61 449 252 759
    Website: http://www.jdonlineinvestigations.com.au

*WHOA does not endorse any of the investigators listed here. We list them as possible sources for help for those who have been harassed online. We have included the information provided to us, and are not responsible for any errors or ommissions. As always, get a written contract with any professional with whom you do business. Make sure that you have thoroughly read and understood the contract before signing it.

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