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May 9 2018

West African Insurance Institute

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The West African Insurance Institute (WAII) holds is colourful Graduation Annual at the end of the 1-year Diploma in Insurance programme. This prestigious event which attracts Government functionaries, Insurance Financial Sector bigwigs from the Five Member countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia, is always an avenue to network, re-unite with( )

The history of WAII is closely linked with the West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA), the sub-regional Association of Insurance companies in Anglophone West Africa. The Association, which was formed in 1973, is committed to the development of insurance in all ramifications. In order to achieve this objective, the Founding Fathers rightly considered the training( )

WAII-UNISA PARTNERSHIP i) Leadership Programmes (Short Learning Programmes) a) Fundamental Management Programme (FMP) b) Public Sector Governance (PSG) c) Practical Project Management (PPM) ii) Degree (Formal) Programmes a) Master of Business Leadership (MBL) b) Doctor of Business Leadership In addition to the above, the WAII is( )

As a global leader, Cambridge Graduate University is designed for you. Cambridge Graduate University is the world’s first global campus university crafted by the world’s top scholars for a select cohort of global leaders to have 21st Century global impact and beyond. Prestigious scholars and practitioners from elite universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford,( )

As at July 2013, 3,278 Middle Level Insurance personnel as well Diploma and Certificate holders in Law, Marketing and Insurance, have been trained. They have come from the member countries as well from Kenya,Uganda,Zimbabwe and Sudan. A research on past students performance revealed that they are contributing enormously to the development of insurance in the sub-region( )

Since its relocation to The Gambia in 1991, WAII has jointly with the country’s Management Development Institute (MDI) run training programmes for Chief Executives and Personnel of Insurance Organizations and other institutions at their request. WAII also provides in-house training courses for specific organizations as well as providing Consultancy service for financial institutions. WAII is( )

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