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Jun 7 2018

Video Game Design Schools

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What Are Game Art Design Schools?

Game art and design is an area that focuses on the aesthetics and design of video games and other multimedia applications.

Video game art and design schools allow students to learn all sorts of techniques and skills that are necessary for pursuing a career in this area. Those that attend these types of schools should be passionate about every aspect of video games, and they should be creative types that are able to think outside of the box.

Attending a game art and design school enables students to hone existing skills as well as learn new skills that will prepare them for an exciting career in the video game industry. This might include learning what players like and dislike, as well as what makes a game fun and exciting to play.

These skills enable aspiring video game artists and designers to help create a number of different types of games. These games might be played on a home computer or a game console. They might be educational and geared toward children, or they might consist of non-stop action for more mature gamers.

The games that video game artists and designers help create should also be new and fresh. Some video game designers strive to create revolutionary new games that will take the world by storm. If these games are successful and popular with the gaming crowd, sequels will also usually be created. Another angle when creating video games is to take old popular games and revamp them. Revamping these old favorites often involves improving the graphics. and adding more action or additional game play.

What Are the Different Types of Game Art and Design Schools?

Game art and design schools are not usually separate entities. Instead, they are usually small divisions of much larger schools.

Some traditional colleges and universities offer degrees in video game art and design, for instance. Most technical institutes and art schools also offer these types of degrees, as do graphic design schools.

Since game art and design is such a technologically advanced area, many students even have a choice of attending online game art and design schools. Students who choose to go this route will often be required to complete assignments online. Because most of the classroom materials and instructors are available online 24 hours a day, these types of schools enable student to complete degree programs without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes at their own pace.

What Courses Do Game Art and Design Schools Offer?

The majority of game art and design schools offer several courses on nearly every aspect of video game creation. The courses that you, as a student, choose will typically depend on your preferred area of expertise and career goals.

If you re an artistic type, you will most likely be able to choose courses in drawing and sketching, for instance. Courses in graphic design, 3D modeling, and color theory are also usually required as well. Because video games are animated, aspiring video game artists will also usually need to take several animation and 3D animation courses as well.

Aspiring video game designers will also usually be required to take art courses as well. However, they will also usually be required to take courses such as design aesthetics, game development, and development of virtual worlds.

Every student that attends a video game art and design school, however, will usually have to take several core courses in English and math as well. Computer programming courses are also usually a must.

What Can I Do With a Degree From a Video Game Art and Design School?

Students who successfully complete degree programs at video game art and design schools can often look forward to fun and rewarding careers that almost never get boring.

One of the most popular career options for graduates is a video game design career. Video game designers are the professionals responsible for ensuring that a new video game looks and flows right. They must make sure that new games will be suitable for certain audiences and well received on the market. These professionals will often have a hand in most parts of video game creation, including the artistic part.

Video game artists, however, are the professionals that are mainly responsible for the graphics when creating video games. This includes static images as well as animation. Many professional video game artists specialize on one certain artistic aspect of creating a new game, such as facial features of the characters or the scenery in the background.

It is the video game storyboard, however, that is usually where all of the action starts. Video game storyboard artists create basic storyboards that help designers and artists understand the layout of the game and how it will be played.

Do I Need a Degree From a Game Art and Design School?

No, a degree from a video game art and design school is not always absolutely necessary. Some video game professionals are actually self-taught. This is a very time consuming and difficult process, however, and only the most dedicated individuals are able to grasp the full understanding of video game art and design with this method. Not to mention, video game art and design schools typically have access to the sophisticated technology used to create modern video games.

Even if you were able to successfully teach yourself how to design, animate, and program video games, many potential employers won t take a second look at you. Large and small video game development companies both now seem to prefer applicants with a solid education in this field, and employment opportunities for aspiring video game professionals without degrees are becoming more and more scarce.

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and more and more people are flocking to it looking for their little slice of the pie. In order to stand out in this competitive industry, you will need an edge something that makes you more qualified than the other guy. And a degree from a video game art and design school can give you just that.

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