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Jul 8 2017

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Introduction to Traffic Engineering Server (TES)

Internet Gateway Router/Bridge, Bandwidth Manager, Firewall and Traffic Monitor

Traffic Engineering Server (TES) is Internet Gateway Router (or Bridge) with powerful and easy to use bandwidth management, quality of service, security, acceleration/optimization, monitoring and filtering features. TES solutions are especially suitable for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Broadband and Wireless Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Providing number of tools to control, analyze, measure and filter TCP/IP traffic TES helps to share Internet connection within subscribers in highly efficient and optimized way increasing LAN performance, security and manageability of the network. Implementation of TES makes it possible to eliminate wide range of problems like throughput bottlenecks, allows to save expensive Internet bandwidth and thus to increase WAN link utilization efficiency.

Traffic Engineering Server software includes operating system therefore using TES installation CD it is possible to convert almost any hardware server into full featured Internet Gateway or Bridge. Moreover, advanced tools inline with web based graphical management interface make many complex bandwidth management tasks as easy as possible, even for operators with little networking experience and skills.

Below are key features and capabilities of TES software:

  • Bandwidth Management. Strict and Burstable Traffic Shaping on Rx and Tx (bi-directional), Smart Throttle Engine, Customizable Bandwidth Allocation Groups with Priorities
  • Quality of Service. 8 Customizable QoS Priority Levels, Customizable Rx/Tx Rate Limits for QoS Levels, Layer 7 QoS, VoIP/P2P QoS capabilities, Prioritization for Inbound and Outbound traffic (bi-directional QoS)
  • Transparent Web Cache and Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP), Online Video Caching or Blocking, Content Filtering: by domain name, by file extension, by MIME Type (e.g. to block Flash content or Audio/Video data)
  • Application Level (Layer7 or L7) Packet Inspection for QoS and Filtering
  • Web Activity Monitoring, Detailed Traffic Reports
  • Integrated Semiautomatic Firewall, Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), IP and/or MAC Filtering
  • Advanced Network Address Translation (NAT), Complete DHCP, Port Forwarding, Static Routing
  • Intelligent HTML Graphical Management Interface. Remote/Local Console Access
  • One Button Backup/Restore, Backups Download/Upload, Adjustable Ethernet Settings
  • Automatic Updates, Daily Email Reporting, Fail-safe Operation and more.

Commercially TES is available as Software Only Solution or as a standalone network appliance TES-1000 Hardware Solution. TES software is to be deployed on customer’s hardware and it makes it possible to vary resulting performance of TES unit as well as to reduce the costs. TES-1000 is based on highly reliable hardware server of 1U rack-mountable form factor and comes with TES software providing the full range of traffic engineering functionality.

At the same time you can try mentioned functionality free of charge. In order to deploy TES unit you should download and install TES Platform with Freeware TES Application Package addon. If you have any questions please contact us any time and our representative will help you shortly.

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