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Apr 4 2018

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what is mobile security

eWEEK Staff. Posted August 31, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Google removes malicious WireX DDoS botnet apps from Play Store; Microsoft Surface PCs gain ground in the enterprise; Microsoft promises affordable mixed-reality gear for the holidays;.

Apple Schedules Sept. 12 iPhone Media Briefing

eWEEK Staff. Posted August 30, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Apple schedules Sept. 12 event to introduce 10th anniversary iPhones; Uber board votes for new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi from Expedia; Oracle hiring 5,000 cloud professionals in the.

Microsoft Focuses on Bug Fixes to Windows 10 Update

eWEEK Staff. Posted August 29, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft begins to button up Windows 10 Fall Creators Update; FBI arrests Chinese hacker with possible links to OPM breach; New IBM storage software for VMs coming in Q4; and there’s.

Salesforce Adds Custom Learning Option to Trailhead

eWEEK Staff. Posted August 28, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Salesforce Trailmix makes Trailhead learning more modular; Microsoft unveils a cost-cutting archival cloud storage option; Zerodium is paying up to $500K for mobile messaging app.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone Debuts

eWEEK Staff. Posted August 25, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Samsung wants to make it up to former Galaxy Note7 owners with Note 8; Google reveals that it’s preparing Chrome OS for the enterprise; Microsoft’s Project Brainwave tackles real-time.

What is mobile security

Google Purges More Than 300 WireX DDoS Botnet Apps.

What is mobile security

Apple to Unveil New iPhone Models at Sept. 12 Media.

What is mobile security

Microsoft Picks Up Pace of Windows 10 Fall Creators.

What is mobile security

Salesforce Adds Custom Learning Option for Trailhead.

What is mobile security

Samsung Rolls Out Galaxy Note 8 With Big Discounts.

Intel Processors, Storage Set New Dell Servers Apart

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

Dell’s latest Intel-based PowerEdge servers bring new levels of operational efficiency and flexibility while extending industry-leading reliability and uptime.

Dell PowerEdge T630: Versatility for ROBO

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

The Dell PowerEdge T630 is a mainstream 2S/5U rack-mount tower server with a versatile mix of configuration options, performance, and scalability. The Intel-based T630 is designed for mid-size.

Dell PowerEdge R730xd: Storage Density for Clouds

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

The Dell PowerEdge R730xd, also based on Intel Xeon processors, is one of the world’s densest server-side storage servers, with more than 100 TB of flash storage in a 2U chassis. It delivers.

Save on Operating Costs for Scale-Out Workloads

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

With the introduction of the Dell PowerEdge FM 120×4, Dell and Intel are bringing to market a server that can actually save on operating costs as it scales.

Dell PowerEdge R630: Incredible Density

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

The Dell PowerEdge R630 is a mainstream 2S/1U rack server that delivers incredible density across a range of resources, enabling highly flexible data center scaling. With its powerful Intel Xeon.

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