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Jun 7 2018

Windows Server 2012 – The Basics (Part 2)

#windows #terminal #server #hosting # Windows Server 2012 – The Basics (Part 2) If you would like to read the other parts in this article series please go to: Introduction I spent most of the first part of this series showing you how Windows Server 2012 s new user interface works. In this article, I want to shift gears a little bit and walk you through some common tasks that you might typically need to perform when setting up a new server. Renaming the Server Although Windows Server 2012 automatically assigns each server a random name, administrators often like to …

Dec 5 2017

Quickbooks Hosting #quickbooks #hosting, #quickbooks #cloud #hosting, #hosting #quickbooks, #quickbooks #terminal #server, #quickbooks #online, #software

# Stream Applications to your Desktop InfiniteApp is our application virtualization platform. Stream applications from the cloud; save data in the cloud or on your local computer. Access your applications and data from Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad or Android devices. Your users will get the finest desktop experience. Touch the Cloud TM With Infinitely Virtual’s Terminal Server plans, you can literally touch the cloud. Connect to your terminal server with a touch-enabled Windows 8 computer, and you can interact with your applications the same way you would if they were installed on your own computer, with your finger. We support …

Aug 4 2017

Sage Virtual Terminal – Secure Credit Card Payment Processing #payments #gateway #virtual #terminal

# Sage Virtual Terminal Level 3 Processing Electronic Checks Recurring Billing Secure Transactions Now you can setup your online fundraising program quickly and easily with the Sage Donate Now Virtual Terminal. Donate Now makes it simple for nonprofit organizations to accept donations, membership dues and event registrations securely through Sage’s advanced payment gateway. Donations can be set up as as one-time or recurring donations and the customizable donation form links directly on your website for easy access. Create quick donor programs Customize donation data On screen and email reciepts Easy integration to your webpage Donors can remain anonymous Completely secure …