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Feb 28 2018

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career change

Career change

Helping to power London’s buses with coffee

For years coffee has been energising our morning commute. Today, thanks to the power of collaboration, it is helping to fuel London buses too.

Career change

The age of digital disruption

A new service that delivers fuel to your door is among Shell’s latest innovations, and is a response to the rise of digitalisation across the economy.

Career change

The quest for better batteries

Big brands and start-ups are in a global race to develop battery technology. What do they need to breakthrough?

Career change

Powering a polar adventure

Rob Swan was the first explorer to walk to both the North and South Poles. In his latest adventure he aims to reach the South Pole with his son Barney, powered only by renewable energy.

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Career change

A bright energy future for the Middle East

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden stresses the importance of oil and gas alongside renewables to drive the Middle East’s energy future.

Career change

Harnessing human ingenuity

The world needs urgent investment in innovation, says Robert Armstrong, Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative.

Career change

Keeping China’s wind turbines turning

Scientists at Shell have produced a new formula of lubricant that helps stop corrosion when wind turbines are built in humid conditions, high in the mountains.

Career change

Adair Turner: we need action on climate change

The Energy Transitions Commission aims to show how the world can limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Its Chair, the former financial regulator Adair Turner, tells Inside Energy why facts and logic must come first.

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Career change

Finding tomorrow s energy solutions

Dorine Bosman heads wind development in Shell s New Energies business. Her 25-year career has seen the landscape of innovation changing dramatically. It s always good to get a new perspective, or approach problems in an original way, she says.

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