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Jul 25 2017

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Registered Nurse Salary

Registered Nurse: Salary Details

The BLS reports the median salary for a registered nurse was $67,490 in 2015. The best-paid 10 percent of RNs made more than $101,630, while the bottom-paid 10 percent earned less than $46,360. The highest-paid RN positions are clustered in California, including the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, Vallejo and Oakland.

75th Percentile. $82,490

25th Percentile. $55,320

Salary Outlook

Average Registered Nurse Pay vs. Other Best Jobs

In 2015, registered nurses made an average salary of $71,000, which is pretty good pay compared with some of the other health care professions on our Best Jobs list. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses usually bring home smaller paychecks ($44,030). But RNs made less money on average than both occupational therapists ($81,690) and physical therapists ($85,790). However, RNs have many options for advancement and a salary increase. With further education, RNs can become nurse practitioners and bring home an average salary of $101,260.

Best Paying Cities for Registered Nurses

The highest paid in the registered nurse profession work in the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, Vallejo, California, and Oakland, California. The San Rafael, California area also pays well, as does the city of Santa Cruz, California.

Top 5 Best Paying Cities for Registered Nurses

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