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Jul 7 2017

MSc Operations Management at University of Alabama on #masters, #masters #admissions, #masters #application, #masters #career


MSc Operations Management

Course Description

The operating officers of tomorrow master in Operations Management today. The program focuses on the effective management of the resources and activities that produce or deliver the goods and services of a business. Operations managers oversee the people, materials, equipment and information resources that a business needs to produce and deliver its goods and services. Many of the most esteemed data systems operating the processes and activities of worldwide business are designed by operations managers.

Choose from two track options:

Track 1: Operations Management

The master’s program in Operations Management is offered both on campus and online. The degree requires 30 hours of coursework (10 courses). Full-time, on-campus students can complete the program in three semesters (fall/spring/summer). Students who want to pursue this degree program part-time while continuing to work can choose between the two-year and three-year schedules for completing the degree online.

– OM 500 Management Science I
– OM 517 Supply Chain Modeling & Analysis
– OM 522 Operations Scheduling Problems
– OM 523 Inventory Management
– OM 524 Manufacturing Scheduling & Control Systems
– OM 540 Systems Simulation
– OM 596 Capstone Project
– ST 560 Statistical Methods

Track 2: Decision Analytics

The concept for this track is to offer an Operations Management master’s degree that combines the prescriptive modeling and analytical skills arising from the OM program with the data management and data mining skills arising from the SAS-UA Data Mining certification program offered in the Statistics program.

The Decision Analytics track consists of 10 courses: five from Operations Management, four from Statistics, and one from either Statistics or Management Information Systems.

– ST 560 Statistical methods in Research I
– ST 521 Statistical Data Management
– ST 531 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining I
– ST532 Advanced Data Mining
– OM 500 Management Science and Spreadsheet Modeling
– OM 540 Systems Simulation
– OM 596 Capstone Project

– Two OM Elective Courses:

– OM 517 Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis
– OM 522 Operations Scheduling Problems
– OM 523 Inventory Management
– OM 524 Manufacturing Scheduling and Control Systems

*Choose two courses from this set of four courses.

– One Restricted Elective Course:

– ST 522 Advanced Statistical Data Management
– MIS 541 Business Analytics Support Systems

*Choose one of these two with consultation by program advisor.

Fund your studies

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Visit the MSc Operations Management page on the University of Alabama website for more details!

Entry Requirements

At least one semester of calculus equivalent to MATH 121 or higher.

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