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Dec 2 2017

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4.8 Emeritus Status

Board Policies
Chapter 4 – Human Resource

Part 1. Purpose. The award of emeritus status is intended as a special honor for system employees who have served with great distinction. Recognition as emeritus shall not be awarded as a matter of due course, and is granted only to those whose service has been most exemplary.

To be awarded emeritus status, an employee must have:

a. Separated, or be separating, from the position with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system for which emeritus status would be conferred;

b. Established a record of distinguished service while employed in the position; and

c. Completed employment in the position in good standing.

Part 2. Chancellor. The Board may confer by appropriate resolution the honorary office of Chancellor Emeritus upon a chancellor or former chancellor who meets the requirements set forth in Part 1.

Part 3. Presidents. Upon recommendation of the chancellor following the chancellor’s consultation with the Board Chair and Human Resources Committee Chair, the Board may confer by appropriate resolution the honorary office of President Emeritus upon a president or former president who meets the requirements set forth in Part 1.

Part 4. Faculty and Staff.

Subpart A. The president of a college or state university or the chancellor for the system office may confer emeritus status upon a faculty or staff member who meets the requirements set forth in Part 1 and the policies in Subpart B.

Subpart B. Each college or university and the system office shall establish guidelines for the designation of emeritus status consistent with this policy.

Related Documents:

Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 11/17/99,
Date of Implementation: 11/17/99,

Date Subject of Revisions:

11/16/11 – Effective 1/1/12, the Board of Trustees amends all board policies to change the term “Office of the Chancellor” to “system office,” and to make necessary related grammatical changes.

06/22/11 – Added new Part 1, Purpose. Amended Part 2 to meet requirements in Part 1. Amended Part 3 to require the chancellor to consult with the Board Chair and Human Resources Committee Chair prior to recommendation. Amended Part 4 to include staff, allows the Chancellor as well as the president to confer emeritus status, removed the retirement qualification.

12/17/03 – Added Part 1, Chancellor Emeritus and authorized President Emeritus status for college as well as university presidents.

There is no additional HISTORY for policy 4.8.

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