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Jun 22 2018

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Sports Industry Job Information!

Jobs in athletics are plentiful because the sports industry is everywhere, it’s ever growing and expanding, and there is ongoing worker turnover. Despite the demand it takes more than a list of addresses and phone numbers to land your dream opportunity. It takes having in-depth industry knowledge and a proven strategy.

You need to understand the complexities of the athletics industry and have insider tips, which is why SportsCareerFinder is an invaluable resource for job seekers. We got the latest job listings and lots of knowledge to share!

Are you ready to get that coveted career position, seasonal job, or sports internship?

Our researchers and writers have experience working in the sports industry as well as formal education in the business of sports and athletics administration.

Are you ready to get your foot in the door? We’re here to help you get started!

Jobs finder

Work in Pro Sports

Working for a professional sports team or league is something that a great number of people in America and abroad aspire to – and with good reason. These jobs allow people access to their favorite sport as a full-time, paying, perk-filled job. What is better than working for a top notch professional team and all of the prestige that comes along with it?

Inside SportsCareerFinder you’ll learn all about a variety of jobs including: responsibilities, compensation, training and experience needed, and resources that may be useful for your job search.

Jobs finder

Why SportsCareerFinder?

Knowledge is king when you’re looking for jobs in an athletics related field. SportsCareerFinder provides you with detailed information about nearly every sector in the sports industry, helping you zero in on jobs that best fit your interests and talents. We cover it all.

Whether you’re a college student studying marketing or sports administration, a recent college grad, experienced or inexperienced sports industry worker, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities with the companies we profile.

Pick Your Job

The sports industry is targeted by many people who are looking for jobs. Those working in sports often can’t believe their good fortune and are forever thankful. SportsCareerFinder is designed to help you get in on the action, and directs you to a wide array of job opportunities. Our easy-to-use website features current sports job postings, hundreds of employer profiles, and a place for applicants to post resumes and cover letters for sports industry hiring managers.

Here’s a sampling of the jobs described in the SportsCareerFinder membership area:

  • Jobs In Sports Marketing
    • Types of jobs with detailed descriptions
    • List of major sports marketing agencies
    • Collegiate sports marketing agencies
    • Interview Q amp;A with a former NFL account manager
    • Tips for landing corporate sports marketing jobs
    • Sports marketing pay and job information
  • Types of College Sports Jobs
    • Athletic Director Jobs
    • Athletic / Physical Education Department Chair
    • Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
    • Equipment Manager
    • Associate Athletic Director for Business Services
    • Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Grounds
    • Associate Athletic Director for Marketing
    • Sports Information Director Jobs
    • Director of Development
  • Professional Sports Team Jobs
    • Marketing Director
    • Team Marketing / Promotions Assistant
    • In-Game Marketing Coordinator
    • Director of Sponsorships and Business Development
    • Sponsorships Sales Executive
    • Sponsorships Account Manager
    • Director of Community Relations
    • Ticket Sales Director
    • Ticket Sales Account Executive
    • Group and Suites Sales Account Executive
  • Professional League Jobs
    • Marketing Manager
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Sponsorships Sales Manager
    • Sponsorships Services Account Manager
    • Accounting and Finance nbsp;
    • Sports Legal Counselor
    • Public Relations
    • Operations Manager
    • Database and Website Management
  • Sports Agent Jobs
    • Sports Agencies list
    • Entertainment Agencies list
    • Law Firms with athlete clients list
    • Employer profiles
    • Advice and information for aspiring sports agents
  • Jobs in Health and Fitness
    • Clinical Exercise Specialist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Sport Specific Trainer
    • Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Athletic Trainer
    • Personal Athletic Trainer
    • Nutritionist and Dietitian
  • Sports Internships
    • Professional Sports League Offices
    • Professional Sports Teams
    • Sports Agencies
    • Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Companies
    • College Athletic Departments
  • Jobs with Sports Stadiums and Venues
    • VP for Operations
    • Director of Operations
    • Facility Manager
    • Facility Night Manger
    • Sporting Event Manager / Event Coordinator
    • Facility Security
    • Concessions
    • Guest Relations Event Staff
    • Building Maintenance and Engineering
  • Sports Media Jobs
    • Sports Journalism
    • Broadcasting
    • Photography and Video
  • Equipment, Shoes, and Apparel Rep Jobs
    • Manufacturer’s Rep
    • Marketing
    • Product Design

Which field looks like the best fit for you?

Inside the Website

Jobs finder

You’re here now because you love sports, right? Perhaps you’re a college student trying to figure out how to work in sports after graduation. Maybe you’ve been working as an accountant in a strip mall somewhere, hoping to use your skills in the sports world. Or a good writer who would love to moonlight as a sports journalist or sports photographer.

Regardless of your situation there’s a good chance you can get a sports job if you’re willing to network and follow our advice.

Many sports employers are big businesses and therefore employ people in positions found at most companies: accounting, finance, business management, marketing and promotions, communications, information technology (IT), human resources, and so forth. There are differences, of course!

Perhaps you’re looking for a football coaching job or other specific football jobs or baseball jobs. In addition to the business oriented jobs there are also positions specific to sports. We touch on both kinds of jobs. Our focus is on:

  • Sports Marketing and Sponsorships
  • Professional Sports
  • College Athletics Administration
  • Kindergarten through High School
  • Sports Internships
  • Athlete Representation (Sports Agent Jobs)
  • Sports Facilities
  • Health and Fitness Jobs
  • Sports Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Sporting Goods, Equipment, and Apparel

Just about every sports career option you can think of is covered on SportsCareerFinder. It’s likely that you know someone who works in sports in some manner. Maybe now it’s your turn.

Jobs finder

Use our JobCenter to quickly find new job opportunities posted by teams, leagues, athletic departments, media properties, and other types of employers. Search the employer directory and post your personal profile to gain visibility. Search thousand of sports industry and health and fitness industry jobs!

Jobs finder

The content and job listings on SportsCareerFinder are invaluable. We guide you through common career paths, explain how to conduct a job search, and offer advice that puts you a step ahead of the competition.

Jobs finder

How exactly do you get a job? We answer that question and more. Whether you want to work for one of the world’s top sports leagues, a college athletic department, or sports marketing agency, we tell you how to handle your job search!

Jobs finder

Use SportsCareerFinder Job Alerts and you’ll start receiving new jobs via email – right now. Target the perfect positions using keywords and location preferences. Sports Media, Stadium Vendor, Football Internships, . you choose! Sign up for Free Job Alerts here.

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