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Jun 21 2018

Don’t Buy a Wireless Alarm Until You’ve Read This

Most security systems have used the same fundamental
technology for over 100 years—electric wires and phonelines.
They bait customers with so-called “free” systems then charge
hundreds for home installation and require a 3 year contract for
$1,547 in monitoring fees.

If that sounds crazy to you, give
SimpliSafe a try.

  • 100% Wireless Security System
  • 100% Cellular—No Phoneline needed
  • Alarm Monitoring just $14.99/month

Everything you need to know about Wireless Home Security

On this page you’ll discover

Why Wireless is Better than Wired Alarms

Wired Alarms

Wireless Alarms

Require expensive installation which can cost anywhere from $99-$500 depending on the size of your alarm system.

Some systems (like SimpliSafe’s) can be self installed—but beware that only a few companies make this truly easy. SimpliSafe can be easily installed in under an hour and there is no technical know-how required. See for yourself: Watch SimpliSafe’s Easy Peasy install Video

Feel the Thrill of doing what you thought was impossible—and telling your neighbors “I did this myself” (while secretly giggling about how easy it was).

Holes in your walls.

Nothing to drill; no holes, no mess.

Permanent and requires another outlay of cash to remove a system.

Easy to take with you when you move to your next dream house (or leave the suburbs for the city).

Rely on landlines —the Achilles heel of most alarm systems—because these can be cut by burglars with a $3 dollar pair of scissors.

Extra cost of home phone line can be $30-50/month. Some systems let you get a “cellular backup” at an extra charge in both equipment and monitoring expense.

SOME systems (like SimpliSafe’s) are equipped with independent GSM communicators, so there is no need for a phoneline. (But most wireless systems aren’t truly wireless. they’ll still require a phoneline to work).

Require your signature on a 2-3 Year Alarm monitoring contract that’s so bulletproof OJ Simpson’s lawyer couldn’t get you out of it. Contracts are often filled with sneaky fine print and hidden fees.

Many wireless alarms can be purchased without any alarm monitoring (but if you do want the protection of 24/7 live monitoring some companies still require a contract).

SimpliSafe offers wireless security systems—with no annual contract—24/7 live monitoring is available on a month-to-month basis (this is entirely optional).

Wired security systems almost always ensure that the control panel of the system is hidden in a closet or basement in your house, where burglars can’t easily get to it to smash and disable.

The Ugly: Most wireless security systems cut a corner—they inserted the alarm signal transmitter into the Keypad and put it near your main entrance. So a burglar with a bat could just smash it and the alarm would be disabled. Read more about this dangerous Achilles heel.

SimpliSafe’s wireless security system is safer than most wireless systems, because our Keypad is completely independent from the control center of your system.

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