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Jun 25 2017

Culinary Arts, AS #culinary #arts #food


Culinary Arts

Food is a gift from God that connects everyone in the world everyone eats, and everyone enjoys eating great food. In studying culinary arts at BJU, you ll go far beyond getting an excellent culinary education to learning how you can reflect God in the beauty, creativity and mastery of food.

You ll also learn how God uses food to remind people of their dependence on Him for everything, and how God has designed the temporary satisfaction found in food to draw people to Himself, the only true Satisfier of their souls.


At BJU, you ll lay a solid foundation in the concepts of culinary arts as you prepare to be a culinary expert. You ll learn how to create delicious foods from scratch, how to prepare food using different methods of cooking, and how to build complex flavors. In addition, you ll gain valuable hands-on experience in a variety of settings so that you can master your culinary skills.

As part of your degree, you ll also develop the critical skill of determining food cost so that you know how much each dish you make costs and how to make a profit as an eating establishment. Additionally, you ll take the ServSafe exam, an accredited food and beverage safety exam administered by the National Restaurant Association. Many businesses in the food industry require employees to pass the exam before beginning work, so you ll be prepared for your field immediately upon graduation.

Culinary arts is a two-year associates degree, though you may also wish to pursue a bachelor s degree after graduation in another field. Continuing on for a bachelors degree normally takes an additional three years.

BJU Core

The food industry, with more than 20 million workers, is in need of Christians who faithfully follow Christ. You ll take courses in English and speech to improve your communication skills, and a course in mathematics that will further develop your skills in costing out food. Your Bible courses will help you build a solid foundation in the truth of God s Word so that you ll know what you believe about God and why you believe it. More than that, you ll be inspired to live out your faith in the workplace and share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around you.


Culinary arts is a very involved major, and much of your class schedule is predetermined based on your required courses. As such, you will have little opportunity to take extra courses. If you still wish to take additional Bible or liberal arts courses, you may want to explore the option of taking courses via BJUOnline over the summer.


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