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May 17 2018

Cloud Advertising – Gartner IT Glossary

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Cloud advertising are cloud-based services that support the selection, transaction and delivery of advertising and ad-related data in which content and price are determined at the time of end-user access, usually by an auction mechanism that matches bidders with advertising impressions as they become available. This applies to search, display, mobile, social and video ad formats.

Being competitive requires enterprises to adapt more quickly to the experience of customers, employees and users. This collection of research notes analyzes the future of experience from the perspectives of IT, marketing, supply chain, and technology and service provider leaders.

Gartner produces a quarterly forecast for the public cloud services market. This report outlines the market segmentation and forecast methodology used to produce this forecast and identifies the key regions and countries for which forecast data is produced.

Abstract hybrid cloud services require new roles, processes and technologies for cloud management. We analyze the state of cloud management and best practices for succeeding in governing and managing cloud services.

November 30, 2016

Most traditional IT organizations have existing data centers that need continued support while cloud technologies are adopted. Organizations will increasingly live in a hybrid world, with some applications in the public cloud and others in data centers. In this webinar, we review a hybrid IT world emerging in four distinct deployment scenarios.

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