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May 18 2018

Best small cars and superminis to buy in 2017, Carbuyer, cheap small cars for sale.#Cheap

Best small cars and superminis

Designing small cars, or superminis as they’re known in some cases, must be a daunting task for manufacturers. Buyers want them to be easy to park and drive around town, but also reasonably practical. Many people also want them to be fun to drive, both on twisty roads and the motorway, but also cheap to run.

Whether they’re looking for a first car or downsizing from something bigger, buyers invariably want a car that has a sense of style and most superminis boast good looks as a result. The size of cars in this class makes them good for first-time buyers, who place particular importance on the inclusion of the latest smartphone connectivity technology.

That the best superminis are able to deliver in so many different areas is partly an explanation of why they’re so popular. The Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car in the UK of all time, while the Volkswagen Polo and Vauxhall Corsa are virtually fixtures in the list of cars bought most frequently here.

Those three well known cars have sold in big volumes over the years for several good reasons, but there are a number of excellent alternatives available, including cars that don’t spring immediately to mind, such as the Mazda2 and Hyundai i20.

While there’s a temptation to focus on the diesel models because they have the best fuel-economy and emissions figures, consider how you’ll actually use a car from this class if you buy one. For many, it’ll be almost exclusively around town and for short trips, which actually makes a petrol engine the better option

What’s more, many of these cars now take advantage of new turbocharging technology that has allowed manufacturers to make petrol engines smaller and more economical, while increasing the amount of power on offer.

Read on to discover Carbuyer’s top 10 superminis currently on sale.

Ford Fiesta hatchback

Cheap small cars for sale

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