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Aug 31 2017

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Online Psychology Bachelor s Degrees: Best Programs in 2016-2017

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Finding the right online psychology program requires a big investment in time and energy. However, students don t have to go it alone. The following page helps prospective students interested in pursuing a psychology degree through distance education locate online degree programs that best suit their needs. First, it provides a convenient way to search for online psychology degree programs from accredited colleges and universities across the country. Second, the page includes an in-depth guide to online learning in psychology, with focus on the degree progression and how to spot a quality opportunity. Find programs and learn more.

A Complete Guide to Online Psychology Degrees

The American Psychological Association defines psychology as the study of the mind and behavior. That s a pretty broad definition. Given the breadth of the subject matter, and the depth of the mind, it s no wonder that so many people find it a compelling choice as an occupation. With a few notable exceptions, the market for psychologists in the United States today seems well-stocked, with job growth through 2012 expected at just about the same rate as for all jobs in general, according to the U.S. Department of Labor s Bureau of Labor Statistics. That s not to say that good psychology professionals won t be in demand, but anyone planning to enter the field should be well aware of the importance of a quality post-secondary education, the kind that will provide the necessary foundation for career success. Individuals interested in working in the psychology field must be well armed with the information necessary to make the right career prep decisions.

MEET THE Expert: Alice Melissa Newberry

Melissa Newberry holds a PhD in applied psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She specializes in applied social psychology, program evaluation, advanced statistical analysis, and research methodology. Melissa currently works as a research analyst for a Fortune 50 company.

It is important to be passionate about learning about people through psychology. But it is equally important to learn about the types of jobs you would like to apply this knowledge towards.

The Online Psychology Degree Timeline

The psychology field encompasses a broad range of occupations, each with its own set of knowledge and skill requirements. Meeting those requirements takes a formal post-secondary education, and for working professionals or other students who need a flexibility, that could occur online. The key to success, then, starts by matching the right online psychology program to the right career path. The timeline is designed to help students determine what type of online degree best suits their needs and how long they can expect to spend earning it.

Online Associate Degree in Psychology – Two Years

If you are looking to become an actual psychologist the reality is that you will, at minimum, need to earn a graduate degree, most likely a doctorate. There are, however, plenty of individuals gainfully employed after earning either a bachelor s or associate degree in psychology. Be aware, though, that your options in the field will be severely limited. Most graduates will find themselves applying their educations to jobs outside of the psychology field in areas such as business or education. Those earning a psychology associate degree online do have the option of continuing on up the education ladder by transferring to a four-year college or university, earning a bachelor s degree and then moving on into a graduate program.

Online associate degrees typically require a two-year time commitment at a local community college. Students complete as much coursework online as possible, and interact with professors and peers in-person on an as-needed basis.

Explore Associate’s Degree programs for Psychology search programs

College of Southern Nevada

  • Enrollment: 53,482
  • Tuition: $2,700
  • College Type: Public
  • State: Nevada
  • Associate of Arts With A Psychology Emphasis
  • Associate in Arts of Psychology

Explore Associate’s Degree programs for Psychology search programs >>

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – Four Years

The path to a master s or doctoral degree, however, runs directly through a quality bachelor s degree program. Fortunately for the distance learner, there are plenty of online psychology degree options available offered by some of the best public and private colleges and universities in the nation. Online bachelor s degrees in psychology, like most subjects, will require a four-year time commitment, although many distance-learning programs are flexible and allow students more time if needed. Some programs are also flexible at the other end of the time spectrum, offering accelerated coursework that leads to degree completion in three years or less. No matter what the length of the program, all bachelor s psychology students should expect to encounter coursework in a number of core subjects, such as:

Clinical psychology: Generally speaking, clinical psychology has to do with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness. Courses in clinical psychology cover subjects such as the theories and practices of the major schools of psychology, assessment of intelligence and personality, primary prevention and the effectiveness of treatment.

Developmental science: Developmental science deals with the changes that occur over the course of a lifetime, beginning with birth and infancy and ending with old age and death. Topics include social and emotional development, language and cognitive development and psychobiology.

Cognitive psychology: Cognitive psychology concerns the mental processes. It is the study of how we think, perceive, remember and decide. Course topics will include learning, reasoning, attention and language.

Social psychology: Social psychology studies the way individual human beings think, feel and behave in the real or imagined presence of others. Specific topics include social influence and attitudes, interpersonal processes and group processes and relationships.

Online bachelor s degree students in psychology will additionally be required to complete a core general education curriculum and courses in math, chemistry, physics, computer science and others.

Explore Bachelor’s Degree programs for Psychology search programs

  • Enrollment: 63,128
  • Tuition: $19,968
  • College Type: Private
  • State: Virginia
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Criminal Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Online Psychology Degree Search Tool

Online degrees in psychology are a perennial favorite, given the myriad professional opportunities available to graduates of this discipline. Many institutions include psychology in their portfolio of online offerings, providing prospective students with lots of options to consider. Students will also need to ensure their selected program is properly accredited, offers suitable experiential learning opportunities, and provides career counseling. The search tool below takes all of these factors into account to deliver a list of schools adapted to unique student needs.

Best Online Psychology Degree for 2015-2016

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