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Nov 7 2017

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Best Graduate Business Schools (MBA)

Choosing the right MBA program is a complicated decision that will continue to affect your career long after graduation. Our list includes only AACSB accredited schools as this is the most respected accreditation agency when it comes to business schools.

While it is critical to select a program that specializes in the area of business you want to study, be sure to consider the reputation of the school as well as the network of contacts you will build while you are there. For example, if you are interested in quantitative investing, then you might want to look into the MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. If entrepreneurship or venture capital is your passion, then you may want to apply to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Both of these schools have stellar reputations for their programs in those specific concentrations, and their respective networks of contacts will continue to aid in the development of your career for years to come. It is also important to pay close attention to the Smart Rank, which weighs important factors for the institution. Additionally, it is beneficial to consider the average salary for graduates. While this should not be the single determining factor, it can help you make a decision once you have narrowed down your choices.

Read the following sections for more information on the various factors to consider when choosing a business school. Once you are ready to start researching, head back to the search results page and use the different filters to find the best business school for you.


Our Smart Rankings are based on the most important factors in the quality of a business school institution and are determined by rating each school on these factors.

Admissions Selectivity
GMAT and GPA of incoming students indicate the quality of the student body, which generally translates to the quality of the business school. We also include the average amount of previous work experience the entering class has and the acceptance rate (lower generally indicates higher quality).

Post-Graduation Salary
It’s important to know that when you finish your MBA, you’ll be able to land a job with a decent salary, so post-graduation salary is taken into account when determining rankings.

Programs Offered

For students with alternative scheduling and program needs, some schools offer special MBAs. These include:

Part-time MBA: A part-time MBA is a great choice for a working individual or a student with family responsibilities. Part-time MBAs take longer to complete, but they typically require only half the work load.

Executive MBA: An executive MBA is designed for managers or executives with several years of work experience. These programs allow seasoned leaders to further develop their skills, while largely maintaining their day-to-day work schedule.

Online MBA: An online MBA offers the greatest flexibility, allowing students to work from home.

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