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Aug 15 2017

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State Inmate Directory Search – Find Out Who’s In Jail

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Do you have a friend or family member that is incarcerated and want to find them?

Has a friend or family member who has been arrested and you need to find out where they are?

To look up who’s in jail at a county Jail or prison you will have to go to their web site and do an inmate lookup.

County Jail Inmate Serach

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Greetings and welcome to Bail Bond City. Please excuse our mess as we are in renovations. WE ARE MERGING WITH: MUGSHOTCITY.COM. We are in the process of turning Bail Bond City into the nations largest Bail Bondsman Resource. WE ARE NOT A BAIL BONDS AGENT NOR AGENCY. So if we are not involved in the bail bonds process, then what do we do?

Our Services

  1. We provide the largest, most current Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina inmate database in the country. Currently if you are searching for an inmate in a county jail, you have to go to over 100 different websites, and search each individual county. We consolidated all of this information in one spot to save bondsmen hours of daily searching trying to tack down inmates from their surrounding counties. Click here to go to our Florida inmate directory search.
  2. We provide the largest, most current Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina bail bondsman database in the country. Often times bail bondsmen will receive calls about inmates detained within county jails outside of their jurisdiction and need to make a transfer bond . We provide a convenient directory to find other bondsmen within states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina. Click here to go to our find a Bondsmen in your Area page.
  3. We provide a listing of all laws regarding Bondmen in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina. Click here to read about Florida Title XLVII Chapter 903 Bail Laws.
  4. We also offer frequently asked questions regarding the bail bondsbusiness. Click here to see general bail bonds information.
  5. Local jail and visitation information is available throughout this site.

We DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PAYMENTS from any bondsman for any service. We are fully ad-supported so please whitelist us if you using any adblocking software.

Please excuse our dust while WE ARE MERGING WITH: MUGSHOTCITY.COM.

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In today s world of high speed smartphones and Google, the easiest way to go would be by using the internet. This allows one to read through the web sites of the different bail bond agents and giving you the chance to prioritize your choices before contacting them. PLEASE NOTE, that anyone can have a web page and pose as [ ]

We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched our bail bondsmen support services to Alabama. Here are the URL to our new URLs to Alabama Bondsmen Support Portal. Within the coming weeks we will have the following resources available: The Alabama Bondsmen Directory which will be extremely useful for interstate transfer bonds. A list [ ]

Expanding, Merging and Releasing a new App (

EXPANSION We are growing. We are adding a bondsman directory, state laws, inmate directories and county jail information throughout the entire southern USA. We are almost through with Florida, and will be adding the following states first. Alabama Mississippi North Carolina MERGING We will be partnering with one of the largest surety companies in Mississippi. [ ]

If a defendant can pay for bail, he s free to resume his life outside of jail and prepare for his court case. If the defendant acts poorly, however, the court can revoke the bail and mandate that the bond be forfeited. The defendant then has to return to jail although he can petition for [ ]

A bail bond is a surety bond that a third-party company puts up to cover the bail of someone who is on trial for a crime. A bail bond company pays for the bonding out of jail of the person, but charges a premium for this service. When the court case is complete, and whether [ ]

Bail allows someone charged with and arrested for a crime to get out of jail while they await a trial or sentencing. According to Calyton Hill, a bail bond agent in Florida, people normally pay 10 percent of the bail amount to a bail bondsman to get them to place the bail money and get [ ]

Bail may be automatically denied for several penal code violations, including murder and a prior escape from jail or prison. However, bail may also be denied for a host of other reasons. When a person is arrested and taken to jail and booked, the person will have to stay in jail while he or she [ ]

A bond hearing is set within a certain amount of time after a defendant’s arrest. In Florida, for example, a defendant is entitled to a bond hearing within 24 hours after being arrested, so bond hearings are held every day twice a day. Some judges hold remote bond hearings. The defendant will appear in a [ ]

A bail bond hearing is a court appearance during which the defendant asks the judge to release him from police custody pending the outcome of a criminal case. A first bail hearing may be part of an initial hearing in which formal charges are presented also called an arraignment or be separate from [ ]

Many people who are in custody awaiting a Bail or Immigration hearing do not realize how important it is to have a solid release plan to offer the Court or Immigration authorities. Don t wait for your friend or relative to be denied release because your plan wasn t comprehensive enough. Look into the many options for [ ]

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