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Sep 18 2018

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Connecting Latino Leaders for Impact

ALPFA – Empowering Latino Leaders

There is a real need for more Latino leaders. At a time when the business community desperately seeks talent and America’s young Latinos desperately seek opportunity, ALPFA is a bridge between the two resulting in thousands of Latino college students in paid professional internships and careers. ALPFA develops the next generation of Latino professionals via experiential leadership development and mentoring from senior corporate executives, whom we empower into the C-suite and onto corporate boards. ALPFA is also a proven growth accelerator for Latino entrepreneurs, helping them to build networks, access capital, and scale much more rapidly by opening the door to significant business opportunities with our more than 200 Fortune 1000 partners .

Empowering our members with opportunities for professional development and career growth are core to our mission. Our members are highly appealing to employers because they’ve demonstrated a commitment to the highest levels of leadership integrity and training.

Technology and sales support staff are available to ensure that ALPFA’s Career Center connects employers seeking top talent with members. At the same time, we seek to provide a clear connection with Fortune 500 employers that value and seek the skills, expertise, certifications, and training that our members have to offer.

ALPFA’s Career Center is set apart by a number of benefits it offers to Latino professionals and employers. ALPFA Career Center is an innovative gateway that matches the right employers with the right Latino professional talent to help Latino professionals’ careers moving along a professional path that meets their goals.”

For more information, please visit jobs.alpfa.org

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ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) is the longest standing Latino organization with 81,000+ members assembled in 44 professional and more than 160 student chapters across America. Our vision is to be the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market.

Today, ALPFA is well-positioned to assist America’s Latino owned and operated companies and Fortune 500 to recruit, retain and develop professional Latino/Hispanic talent in every sector of the U.S. and global economy. We offer consumer insight, diverse procurement

  • Maintaining a presence with both student and professional chapters across the nation
  • Leveraging over 81,000 members nationally
  • Hosting over 400 total combined annual events across chapters nationally.

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